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Sudhir Gurram

Born in 1965 in India
Happily married
Proud father of three grown up sons

Honesty, open-mindedness and courage

Honesty, open-mindedness and courage are three important qualities that have accompanied me all my life on the path of self-realization. Learn a little more about me and how I set out on the path to self-realization here.


About 10 years ago, on a beautiful spring morning, in the middle of beautiful Finland, where I was supervising a project, working as a successful manager in a medium-sized German machine trading company. I was lying in my bed, still half asleep, a thought suddenly struck me:

Do you want to continue to do what you do professionally for the next 20 years?

And before I could think about it, came the answer: NO.

This thought bothered me because I was actually happy with my life.

I was happily married, had 3 wonderful children, a big house with a garden, a very well-paid job and a great car. But apparently, I still seemed to be missing out on something? I felt it was time to look in the mirror and be honest with myself.

So, I set out on the journey to find myself (my self-realization)

Open minded

I was born in India. In this multiethnic country, with its different cultures, different religions and many languages, to be open-minded was something that was laid to me in the cradle. Due to the cosmopolitan upbringing in my parents’ home, I began to take an interest in other cultures and people at an early age.

My father started teaching me the German language at the age of 5. I became familiar with Germany by the souvenirs and especially KINDER & Duplo chocolates brought by my father from his several trips to Germany and by visits of his German business friends to our home.

As I came to Germany (GDR) at the age of 18 for a technical training as an industrial mechanic in Leipzig, I had no major problems integrating myself into the new environment. I was lovingly welcomed by the host families and never felt like a stranger.

My open-mindedness and curiosity – be it about cultures, languages, ideas or opinions – helped me. It led me to Mental coaching, holistic energy healing work and to spirituality. It also led to my passion for Jazz music.


For me, Courage is the ignition spark that takes you out of the familiar comfort zone into the unknown. This is where new experiences and insights are waiting for you, where inner growth takes place.

Courage has opened up new horizons for me personally each and every time.

As I first came to the GDR for training.

As I proposed to my wife to marry me and to come with me to India.

As we dared a new beginning in reunified Germany together with a baby, a suitcase and 50 Deutsch Marks in the pocket.

As I decided to learn a new profession at the age of 25 and did my MBA, after which I started my own business.

As I gave up my own business at the age of 35 and moved with my family from Berlin to the Sauerland in Western part of Germany to take up a job as a Manager.

While working as a Manager worldwide and selling complex industrial plants to customers in Brazil, Mexico, India, China, Turkey, Iran, Korea or Russia or while managing projects in the USA, England, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, China, Italy, Egypt or Australia.

As I decided to learn Mental coaching by famous German Mental Trainer Thomas Baschab and his wonderful wife and intuition coach Mirja.

When I consciously decided to leave my successful job as a manager to follow my inner call.

When I started practising my vocation as a mental coach to support people in their personal development and accompany them in their search for happiness.

In every phase of my life, courage led me to spheres which I never thought I could get there before.
I have experienced fulfillment along the way.

So, be honest, be open-minded, be curious and be brave.

New experiences make life more beautiful.

On your way from success to fulfillment I would like to support and accompany you.

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