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What is Mental Coaching?

Mind Matters Most

We live in an extremely performance-oriented world. We are meant to achieve more and more tasks in shorter time in order to produce better results. This pace is increasing day by day.

It is now time to be more effective in terms of a work-life balance and still achieve better results with a balanced effort.

Whether at work, in private life, in sports or in health care, in all areas of life we know now that the mental strength is a decisive factor for every kind of success.

The use of one’s own mental abilities therefore plays an ever-greater role in achieving better results and one’s own goals in life.

You need to ask:

  • Why do I act the way I do?
  • What are my goals in life?

By using mental techniques and tools as well as accessing your own creativity and intuition, you can develop your awareness of yourself in order to really get to know your own skills and talents. The questions “Why do I act like this?” and “What are my goals in life?” are useful to find balance in life, to be happy and to find fulfillment.

The focus of Mental Coaching is to become aware of your own mental abilities, to recognize and use your own potential.

The goal is to initiate a transformation process.

How do I work
as a Mental coach?

Mental coaching with the Emotionscode® method

Recognize and use potentials

First and foremost, it is important to me that we can recognize your potential and put to use in order to achieve a transformation. I use special Mental tools and techniques as well as my experience, my creativity and the intuitive knowledge of following the right impulses at the right time.

Each one of us is integrated into a system of different areas of life.

  • Job and career
  • Relationship & family
  • Body and health
  • Prosperity & joy
  • Personality & values

The five areas of life are like five fingers on one hand. When one finger is injured, the whole hand hurts. In the same way, people feel stress when they are unbalanced in one or more areas.

In my Holistic Coaching we first find out in which area of your life there are deficits. We do an analysis of your current situation.

According to the principle of Cause and Effect, behind all symptoms there are triggers that can be found in one’s own thinking and behavioral patterns. This process of becoming aware is the basis for our work together.

Second, we need to find the key with which we can fix the problem. Working with the subconscious mind plays a decisive role in my coaching. For this I use the Emotion code® method.

When you know your goal, you can take decisions.
When you decide, you are at peace.
When you are at peace, you feel safe.
When you feel safe, you can think.
When you think, you can improve.


“Happiness is a choice”
– Sudhir in interview

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Did you know that over 90% of our thoughts and actions are controlled by our subconscious mind?

This is exactly where the thought and reaction patterns, habits, beliefs and convictions are hidden in the subconscious mind. 

These have been created during childhood through the upbringing, experiences, social, cultural, religious and educational influences.

How you perceive your surroundings is determined by your unconscious beliefs. We always look at the world through the lens of our perception and react to it.

Like an iceberg, most of our thoughts and actions lie beneath the surface, in the subconscious.

Do you know that you are also are wearing glasses?

In order to sharpen your perception of reality, i.e. to clean your glasses, we first release the emotions trapped in the subconscious mind. Afterwards you feel not only relieved, but also have clarity about your personal goals and the potential that lies within you.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Once that is done, we can define your very own WHY in life.

Why am I doing what I am doing?

Is it out of deep conviction, habit or out of external compulsions?
A WHY is essential to create clarity. This clarity works like a distant point, a north star on the horizon that offers orientation on the new path.

We work out the milestones and the steps to get there. I support you in the whole process. From Success to Fulfillment.

As a mental coach I support you with the Emotion Code Method, among other things.

‘Anyone who has a WHY to live
can endure almost every HOW’

Friedrich Nietzsche

What is the
Emotionscode® Method?

The EmotionCode was developed by the American chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson developed after seeing his clients come back with the same problem week after week. He suspected an underlying emotional problem, found a way to identify the trapped emotions and release them. The communication with the subconscious mind is done by using kinesiological muscle test.

In my practice, I communicate with your subconscious mind with the help of an eco-tensor. With this one-handed rod I can find out which emotions are trapped by which events in the subconscious mind.

As soon as we have tracked them down, the energy of the enclosed emotions is wiped out of your body with the help of a magnet and is thus released.
This gradually removes the emotional baggage and you experience ease and clarity.


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